AED Procedures

Source : 香港大学深圳医院 Publish time :2022-05-26

The Accident and Emergency Department of The University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital (location: B1, Outpatient Medical Service Block) provides 24-hour emergency service.

A & E Department classifies the treatments as follows (listed in a descending order according to the severity of disease):

1. Extremely Dangerous  2. Dangerous  3. Extremely Urgent  4. Urgent  5.Not-urgent

The patients will be classified according to the state of their diseases and arrange treatment sequences accordingly. Priority will be given to severe patients and same kind of patients will abide by the rule of “first come, first served”. All the emergency patients, including those from departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics, are treated by physicians and nurses from Emergency Department. Thanks for your waiting and understanding!


After diagnose, the registration fee will not be refunded. The medical staff of our hospital should also follow the same procedure.