SZ, HK Hospitals Pair Up

Source : 本网 Publish time :2024-03-14

THE University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital (HKU-SZH) and Hong Kong's Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) have agreed to pair up to strengthen their development.

The opening ceremony of the cooperation project between HKU-SZH and QMH was held at the Shenzhen hospital in Futian District on Mar. 14, 2024.

【Mar 14】QMH and HKU-SZH Launches Partnership Project, Inaugurating First Academic Symposium Themed Patient Safety and MDT (a).jpg

The opening ceremony of the cooperation project between QMH and HKU-SZH. (Photo by HKU-SZH)

Both QMH and HKU-SZH are teaching hospitals of The University of Hong Kong. The event was the first joint activity after the two hospitals signed a three-year development and cooperation agreement Dec. 8, 2023. The management of the two entities carried out in-depth communication on aspects like talent, management, innovative science and technology, quality and safety, and academic exchanges.


Dr. Theresa Li, Chief Executive of Hong Kong's Queen Mary Hospital, speaks at the ceremony. (Photo by HKU-SZH)

The discussions also touched upon refining measures of detailed exchange and cooperation projects, jointly promoting the integration of quality resources, learning from each other, and enhancing the coordinated development of medical undertakings.

"HKU-SZH is an important platform for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and has maintained a solid partnership with QMH for many years," said Dr. Theresa Li, Cluster Chief Executive (Hong Kong West) and Hospital Chief Executive of Queen Mary Hospital and Tsan Yuk Hospital.

Dr. Li stressed that the pair-up has opened a new chapter for cooperation between the two hospitals in jointly improving the level of medical services in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


Prof. Kenneth M.C. Cheung, HCE of HKU-SZH, makes a speech at the ceremony. (Photo by HKU-SZH)

"With a history of 87 years, QMH has outstanding achievements in medicine, teaching, research, and management, which is worth learning from," Prof. Kenneth M.C. Cheung, Hospital Chief Executive of HKU-SZH, told reporters.

So far, the two sides have determined a talent exchange plan and will send clinical, nursing, and management personnel, as well as medical technologists, for in-depth exchanges.

Credit: Reporter Zhang Yu and Editor Shao Jingfeng, Shenzhen Daily

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